1-ON-1 Couples Massage Class located at 2489 Mission St Suite 35

This class involves you, your partner and one massage therapist. You will learn the basics for addressing specific areas and we will focus on technique for the back, neck and shoulders as well as hands and feet. You will be taught Swedish massage, Thai massage stretching and deep tissue sculpting to relax or invigorate the body. Each of these platforms will give you a better understanding of how to care for issues happening in the body.

How to schedule

How to schedule

1. Choose your desired appointment/class
2. Select your preferred day and time
3. If you do not see this available on the calendar email info@urbanoasis-sf.com with your request.
4. Wondering how to book with the gift certificate you purchased? Please enter your credit card to confirm booking. No fear, you will not be charged.
5. To contact us with questions please email info@urbanoasis-sf.com
6. No refunds will be given for purchases. Purchases may be transferred to another service

Prices include you and your partner.

Keep it Simple $250

Includes hot ginger tea and 2 hours of 1-on-1 massage class.

Thai Massage $250

Includes hot ginger tea and 2 hours of 1-on-1 thai massage class.

Seeing with your Hands - ENERGY HEALING $250

Learn techniques to help you see and listen with your hands and feel energy in the body. Refine your senses and cultivate attention to details that heightened your awareness. We will focus on enhancing your capacity for stillness which will allow your brain to discover new language for articulating experiences.

Birthday/Anniversary $425

Includes hot ginger tea, a bouquet of flowers and 2 hours of 1-on-1 massage class. Your purchase includes $100 towards dinner after class. Selected restaurants include Dosa, Foreign Cinema or Lolinda. Take your pick!

Spoil Us $475

Includes hot ginger tea, a bouquet of flowers, 12 macarons from Chantal Guillon, hot ginger tea and three hours of 1-on-1 massage class.

Family Foundation $175

Inspired by a new client, that being a nine year old girl, the concept of massage being important for the entire family emerged. This class involves you, either the mother or father and your child learning ways to improve your child’s sleep, focus, flexibility and mood by learning massage techniques for 90 minutes. This class involves you/your child and one massage therapist.

Scheduling your class is very easy. Check our online calendar located below or email (info@urbanoasis-sf.com) to request a specific day/time. Please include your phone number in your message.

Massage Techniques for Everyday Stress

Massage Techniques for Everyday Stress

Massage Techniques For Everyday Stress was written and published by Sya Warfield in July 2015. This ebook will teach you massage techniques to enhance a mood and lower stress levels. 1 minute or 30 minutes, whatever time you have to spare – will have a profound effect on your life.