Upon entering Urban Oasis expect to feel different, a sensory explosion awaits.  You will taste hot tea and smell essential oils. Urban Oasis believes in a lifestyle that values wellbeing. Touch is a basic human need which consistently exists across all people in all cultures.  As humans, we are bonded by this shared necessity.

The opportunity presences itself to build greater stability in our lives based on giving and receiving love through increasing the amount of touch received on a daily basis.

Urban Oasis was founded on the idea of teaching people new ways to take better care of themselves and each other. From this point we have greater potential to heal ourselves and gracefully transform the world into a more peaceful and beautiful place. Building community empowered to create social change deeply effects the best in us which enriches all of us.  This vision is one Urban Oasis is completely devoted to.

Learning is the most powerful, fully renewable resource for humans to change their lives. Massage classes at Urban Oasis emphasis and value communication through listening, creating an intention to witness the emergence of trust. The mission is to cultivate an experience that promotes healing and teach a philosophy that encourages wellness—from anatomy to traditional Chinese techniques and liniments. This time allows us to make a point to listen to how we are feeling and what others are saying, always priority.

Urban Oasis has been hired by several of San Francisco's most successful startups including TwitterAirbnb and Burning Man as well as Trader Joes,  ATT Park, San Francisco Marathon and Symbiosis Gathering.


Urban Oasis was founded in San Francisco by Sya Warfield who has been a massage artist for over 10 years and the an author of an e-book titled, Massage Techniques for Everyday Stress available for your purchase on amazon.

Her focus is to embody individuals, bringing massage into the corporate world and teaching massage workshops. After attending massage school at The International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, California she was hired by The Hotel Del Coronado, where she pulled her massage table onto the sand and gave massages on the beach.

From 2006-2009, she massaged at a bay area favorite cocktail bar and experimental restaurant The Supperclub. Celebrity massages during her career in private practice have been given to comedian Reggie Watts and SF 49er linebacker Aldon Smith.

Every client she sees is an adventure, a journey which ends up somewhere she may have never expected. It's the discovery of asking why which creates an innate intensity, when something beautiful and fresh begins to happen.

She brings to her work composure, a relaxed attitude and confidence. It is the intimacy of living through and with the human connection that captures the unique energy of the moment.

Rie Naraoka 

Rie graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork. Her sessions include Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial release, trigger point and Reiki. She is also trained in Prenatal massage.



Our chair massage team
Wil Hendricks
After years performing, recording and touring as a professional musician, Wil returned to San Francisco in 2013 to pursue bodywork. A graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage, Wil studied with renowned instructors including Art Riggs, Marty Morales, and Eric Rubin which allowed him to develop a blend of modalities including Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, and Swedish Massage. Wil utilizes a personalized approach which promotes mobilization and relaxation through integrated, therapeutic myofascial release.

Madoka Yamanouchi
Madoka is a certified massage therapist with over 500 hours of instruction and special training in deep tissue, pregnancy and postpartum massage, reflexology and corporate chair massage.

Frank Lopez
Frank Lopez focuses on therapeutic, goal-oriented work. He is immersed in the study and practice of massage, bringing numerous techniques and modalities to the fore to effectively and efficiently address clients' needs. He teaches massage at the San Francisco School of Massage, where he works to advance the study and practice of massage.

Rie Naraoka
Rie graduated from the San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork. Her sessions include Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial release, trigger point and Reiki. She is also trained in Prenatal massage.